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About Palisades Neighborhood Association

Palisades Neighborhood Association represents Lake Oswego’s largest neighborhood in both geography and population. We are a friendly, family-oriented, secluded, safe, community where people feel connected to others. Shifting elevations provide an array of ever changing views and beautiful vistas; there are a variety of perspectives available in the Palisades Neighborhood.

We are a low-density neighborhood where houses are primarily owner-occupied and entirely detached single family residences. Our homes are diverse in size, style and price, and most homeowners show pride in their property by keeping it well maintained. We live close to scenic parks, protected natural areas, open spaces and Oswego Lake. Palisades Neighborhood Association members treasure the neighborhood’s age diversity and its excellent schools with exemplary parent participation.

There is a municipal golf course, public parks, three historic sites and three churches within its bounds. PNA neighbors enjoy the ease of access to amenities such as public parks, natural areas, a high-quality public library,
shopping and the regional transportation system.

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