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Becoming an Area Rep

Becoming an Area Rep for the PNA

Updated and modified from the original article written by Gail Parrick, then PNA Vice Chair, in the Feb. 18, 2010  PNA Newsletter

Why should I be a PNA Area Rep? Area representatives work for the  betterment and general improvement of their community. It is a chance to have a voice and impact on both neighborhood and City business. It is also a wonderful way to get to know your neighbors and your community. The Palisades Neighborhood Association is made up of 1500 homes and is the largest neighborhood
association in Lake Oswego . PNA has 13 separate areas each with their own area rep.

What does an Area Rep do? In general, serving as an area rep involves attending six meetings annually, held approximately every two months. The main job is to communicate – taking area concerns to the Association and, in turn, informing your neighbors of Association and City projects (i.e. Street maintenance, park or tree work, etc.). An area rep is expected to volunteer to be part of, or head up, special projects – such as park improvements, emergency preparedness lists or transportation/road issues in the Palisades area. The area rep term is for one year but reps can run as often as they wish.

What do I have to do to become an Area Rep? Find out what area (number) you live in by contacting  the current PNA Chairperson via email: chairperson@palisadesneighborhood.org or by clicking here for the area maps.   Click here for a copy of the “Declaration for Candidacy” form.

Questions?  Please contact the PNA Chairperson.  Click here for contact information.

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