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Emer. Prep.


The objective of this committee is to develop the Palisades Neighborhood Association’s Emergency Preparedness Plan, which includes promoting homeowner emergency preparedness, communication, training resources and neighborhood involvement.


The NEP (Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness) section of this website is intended to inform and help you and your household be prepared in the event of an emergency.  According to the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries Oregon is overdue for a significant earthquake.  This earthquake will most likely impair our access to clean water, groceries, electricity and gas for as long as three or four months.  Click here to see full article.

The intention for providing the information in this section is not to alarm but rather empower and unite our neighbors by listing resources and proven solutions to help every household, individually and as a community, be prepared in case of such an emergency.  Below is a summary of the contents of the NEP section of this website:

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Buy 72 Hr. Emer. Backpacks from the PNA

NOTE: THIS PROGRAM HAS FINISHED BUT  IF YOU WOULD LIKE INFORMATION AND/OR EMERGENCY/DISASTER PREPAREDNESS SUPPLIES PLEASE CONTACT: Rick Eilers, Emergency Preparedness Chair and former PNA Chairperson, at or 503-757-7572  ————————————————————————– In an effort to help ALL our neighbors (not limited to those living in the PNA) prepare in the event of a 72 hour emergency the PNA …

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Emer. Communications

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In the News: Neighborhood Emergency Prep.

In the News – Neighborhood Emergency Prep

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Palisades Awarded Grant

Palisades Neighborhood Association has been awarded their first City Enhancement Grant from the Lake Oswego City Council.

The award is in the amount of $2,445.00.  This money is to be spent on helping Palisades neighbors be more prepared in cases of emergency like a major snow storm or an earthquake.  Start-up Kits will be assembled …

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Step 1 – Make a Plan

This section is full of straight-forward information about how to get started and what to consider.

This section is being updated.  Check back soon.

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Step 2 – Emergency Kits + Supplies

This section offers supply lists, suggestions and links that have proven to be helpful to others in similar communities in times of emergency.  Whether you choose to  create your own kit, buy one pre-assembled, or to supplement a pre-assembled kit we hope that you find this information helpful.

Please note that the Palisades Neighborhood Association …

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Step 3 – Food + Water

Below are suggestions for foods that store well over longer periods of time (saving the hassle of replacing your supplies as often) and provide the maximum nutrition for the space they take.  Also included are links to suppliers.  Please note that the Palisades Neighborhood Association does not endorse, nor guarantee any of these suppliers. They …

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Oregon’s Risk and Resiliency

Learn about:

  • The similarities between the March 11 earthquake in Japan and potential Cascadia earthquake
  • The likelihood of a catastrophic earthquake in the Pacific Northwest — and how you can prepare
  • How this earthquake will effect Oregon’s roads and bridges, and why you need to be prepared for self-sufficiency
  • What happens after the quake …

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More Info

‘More Info’ (links, news articles, etc.) offers a list of interesting articles about a variety of emergency related topics.

Please note that the Palisades Neighborhood Association does not endorse, nor guarantee any of the information contained in the links listed below. They are listed for informational purposes only.

‘Together We Prepare’  pamphlet prepared by the …

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NEP mtg. minutes

Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Meeting Minutes 2012 Meeting Minutes

  • 14 Aug 2012 NEP Mtg Minutes
  • 6 May 2012 NEP Mtg Minutes

2011 Meeting Minutes

  • 17 Aug 2011 NEP Meeting Notes
  • 10 Jun 2011 NEP Mtg Minutes
  • 27 May 2011 NEP Mtg Minutes

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