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Palisades Awarded Grant

Back Pack for Emergency Kit Supplies

Backpack for Emergency Kit Supplies

Palisades Neighborhood Association has been awarded their first City Enhancement Grant from the Lake Oswego City Council.

The award is in the amount of $2,445.00.  This money is to be spent on helping Palisades neighbors be more prepared in cases of emergency like a major snow storm or an earthquake.  Start-up Kits will be assembled with starter emergency supplies and packaged in an easy to carry backpack.  Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, Rick Eilers, has selected the most useful and affordable items to get your emergency kit started.  Some of the items included are an emergency poncho, a first aid kit, and an emergency blanket. These Kits will be available for sale to residents of the Palisades Neighborhood Association.  Pricing will be in the $35 – $40 range (depending on shipping costs).

Acquisition of two-way radios is also included in the City’s grant.  We will be looking for Palisades residents who are interested in helping their neighbors in cases of emergency, and who would like to be part of the two-way team.  A class will be held for instruction and regular scheduled “check ups” will be required.`

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